Outer Layer

Perfectionism is a striving for flawlessness.
It’s a longing for an order, a system, a structure.
It’s a desire for control.

But there is a border after which an improvement of the world turns into its destruction.


We all praise the visual.
What’s more, we believe in it.
To see and to know merged together.
The world has converged to one sense.

Seeing is safe.
One can see and remain unseen.
But the touch is always mutual.

The touch brings us to our boundaries.
And may be from there it’s easier to see another side.

The project is being exhibited as a book object with original hand manipulated images.

Recent locations where you can touch it include
Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Nevskii pr. 20 | 27 Jul — 19 Aug 2013 (Young Russian Photography exhibition)
France, Paris, rue Bisson 11 | 15 Nov — 17 Nov 2013 (Le PhotobookFest)